When to take cuttings Of Salix x boydii??

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WimB wrote:


that's a particularly beautiful Iris of which I had never heard before. Does it set seed easily?

What Mark said.  Since Iris minutoaurea seed set is poor, I even tried hand pollinating last year - requiring a very nimble physique, it was quite difficult negotiating between adjacent plants in the garden, and down to the four inches (10cm) level.  The paucity of pollen grains didn't help matters, either.  And next year, I will try harvesting earlier.  I hadn't read that SRGC thread until later on, and I think I was waiting too long to pick the seed, also.

And jump in anytime, Mark!

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Lori S.
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An amazing iris!!

Salix x boydii is completely deciduous here... is it that way in warmer zones?  Having said that, it is very hardy with or without snow cover, showing only a bit of tip kill the odd time.
Here is a couple more views of it:

This has been a very useful thread, as it has just lately occurred to me that it would be an awfully good idea to have some backups to my single specimen plants.  :o

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It loses its leaves here in zone 8 and we have only had temps down to 25F this winter. And thank you everyone for the info. Mine never root in my mist chamber, I will have to play with the timing. 

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