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Thanks Fran. That's really intriguing and I must try it - now to find it.


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Howey wrote:

Guess there are others trying to identify this plant.  There is a picture of it on Village Garden Web where people are invited to guess what it is.  One person identified it as  "a form of Rosularia setulosa Milfordae" and I am inclined to go with that.  However, I still plan to have a better look at it through a microscope.  I appreciate all the input.  Fran

Fran, the human eye is a wonderful thing, especially when in good working order, but do not underestimate the power of a digital camera as a tool.... a reasonable close up shot, in focus, may be blown up to terrific magnification on a computer screen and allow us to easily find details that would only have been clear under microscope magnification in previous times. :)

Have a look at some of the close-ups in this week's BulbLog from Ian to see some examples.....


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