Yellow(?) Beardtongue, Penstemon confertus

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Hoy wrote:

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Re. Antennaria dioica or A. rosea?  

Lori, Isn't rosea just a form of dioica? Here A. dioica is very common in the wild and you can find all kinds of types. Some with red flowers (or bracts), some with very pubescent leaves and so forth. The type you find for sale is often something called A. dioica 'rosea' with a label showing a plant very similar to your plant, but what you find in the pot is inferior with less hair on the leaves.

Okay, I'm happy to get clarification on that.  :)

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I lost my mother plant of P. confertus three years ago, but last year noticed a seedling coming up in the blank spot. This spring it bloomed and indeed it is P. confertus. I'm happy! 

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