Eritrichium canum

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Lori S.
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Eritrichium canum

This was a surprise from a seedex... it was supposed to be something radically different, but it was subsequently ID'd as Eritrichium canum, a native of Pakistan and surrounding countries.
Still in their nursery pots:

And in the garden:

It's certainly pretty, in the way of garden forget-me-nots (and I suspect its seeding habit may get to be a bit much too). So far, in the conditions it's in (peat acid bed - the only space I had at the time :rolleyes:), it has not been perennial, but instead reseeds. I will have to try it in rock garden conditions, and see what it does.

It was ID'd as ssp. canum, but I see from the attached that I'll have to look closely at the seeds to see if I can verify that.

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Pretty indeed! I wouldn't mind that one seeding around! Is it an open location or woodland annual/biennial/perennial do you think?

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Lori S.
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Oops, I see I never answered your question, Trond - so sorry!  It's supposed to be a perennial, but has only acted as an annual for me so far... and I have not yet tried it in the rock garden, as I claimed I would do. 

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Eritrichium canum has been one of my favorites for years.  In the high and dry rock garden it seeds only sparingly but, besides it's gorgeous blue color, another nice thing I have found with this plant is that it doesn't seem to matter much when I plant the seeds - early or late - it will grow and flower quite late into the fall.  Mainly it is annual for me but, as I mentioned above, the odd one does come back in the garden from seed.  The seeds I planted a month ago are, can you believe, 8 years old.  Fran
Frances Howey
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