Echinocereus reichenbachii complex

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McDonough wrote:

I might just have to start reconsidering my "no prickly plants" rule, you guys are working on me with all of this spiny eye candy! ;D

I still have plenty of Coryphantha(Escobaria) vivipara seed for you to try, Mark.  It has got to be the easiest germinating seed of all cactus (just guessing here, but it is really foolproof).  Provenance is of one of the easternmost colonies of the species, in eastern SD.

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There are people growing E reich 'perbellus' in at least zone 4, and some folks with winters nearly as cold as mine; again, I suspect my problem will be to provide a hot enough growing period for most Echinocereus.. the plan is to create as hot a bed as possible, and shelter from fall moisture to let plants go fully dormant soon enough...

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The first subspecies of E. reichenbachii to bloom this season is Echinocereus reichenbachii ssp. albispinus. A lot of bud development on these this year and a few are pupping. Which is way cool! :)

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