Are You a Gmail User Missing NARGS Messages?

Over a third of our members are users of Gmail to receive notifications from NARGS. This includes membership renewals, national meeting notices, voting ballots, plus Tours and other emails. If you did not receive your voting ballot or other correspondence, then this news item is for you.

First, check what Google has to say about finding an email. This involves a search where the least amount of words is probably most helpful, unless you use Advanced Features.

If this is not the answer for you, try a different layout arrangement to view emails as I use. Instead of letting Google prioritize what is important for me to see or what is unread, as well as spread it across the page, I use a more classic approach for my Inbox. It allows me to use categories (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums), which appear as tabs across the top, above the emails. And I can then move something like say a NARGS Tour notice from Promotions to Primary and have it always deliver it there.

To start, go into your Settings (the gear box icon top right). Upon clicking, it presents a dropdown of Quick Settings. From Density, select "Compact". From Inbox Type select "Default". Then Click the X at the top to close.


Next to add all the Categories across the top, again click the gear box icon. This time choose See All Settings, under the Quick Settings heading. This brings you to a General tab. Instead, choose (click) Inbox (third from the left). Here I usually select Categories: Social, Promotions, and Updates. Then scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes.




Google is pretty helpful at this point. All my email subscriptions to blogs (etc.) are automatically in Social. All kinds of Sale emails are grouped into Promotions. And Updates has many of my receipts with tracking information. It's also a lot easier to search within a Category to find an email. I suggest searching within Promotions first, then Social, then Updates to find your missing NARGS email. Then merely drag them to your Primary category. You will then see a message asking if you want all emails of that type to appear in your Primary. Click yes.

-Your NARGS Webmaster, nargswebmaster [at] gmail [dot] com