The ubiquitous Bergenia

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I have recapped my history with Bergenia stracheyi on a blog you might want to read: is a picture of our best colony at the Gardens (the last picture in the blog shows it in winter color) in bloom:

For every minion of the peaks there are a dozen steppe children growing in the dry Continental heart of all hemispheres still unknown to horticulture.

Mark McD
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I have to admit to be jaded by swathes of cabbage Bergenia when I lived in Seattle Washington for 4 years, as there wasn't a single garden that didn't have them.  But I have to admit, they do have a great presence, and some that you show demonstrate impressive flower power as seen in the B. ciliata photo and the second B. cordifolia species. :o :o :o

I hope that my seed of B. stracheyi from Chris Chadwell collection in Little Tibet germinates.  Thanks for showing these, I think I need them, maybe good partners with Epimedium.

PS. welcome back to NARG Forum :)

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at  

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All great plants, Panayoti! The little white is interesting, just because its different from the usual pink!

west central alberta, canada; just under 1000m; record temps:min -45C/-49F;max 34C/93F;

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Yes, great plants! Although I have a few already I will have more ;)

Trond Rogaland, Norway - with cool, often rainy summers  (29C max) and mild, often rainy winters (180 cm/year)!

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I planted one B. 'Tubby Andrew's' last year which the resident squirrels promptly chewed off the flower stem!  >:( I'm going to have to be vigilant this year with the repellents if I'm ever to get some flowers.

Amy Olmsted Hubbardton, VT, Zone 4

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I must admit I do not grow a single one!  I'll enjoy them vicariously through others!

Todd Boland St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada Zone 5b 1800 mm precipitation per year


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