Sweet-flowered Androsace (Androsace chamaejasme)

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Lori S.
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Yes, you have a sharp eye, Trond!  That photo is from Forgetmenot Ridge in Kananaskis, one of our favourite (though gruelling) hikes.  The highest part of the ridge is capped by a boulder field of quartz and chert pebble conglomerate slabs.  I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what formation it is.  If there are any local geologists out there who know, please pipe up!The conglomerate supports a fascinating growth of lichen - bright green and black, with some orange.  Walking through the boulder field about a kilometer or so out to the true summit is fun and interesting... must watch one's step to avoid twisting an ankle, though, and I imagine the lichen gets slippery in wet conditions.  I'm describing the area along the crest in the upper left of this photo.  (NB.  I think may be the only photo of myself that I've ever posted here that's a close enough view to make out that I'm actually a humanoid.   ;D)

It's a beautiful area, with views off to the plains to the east and of the mountain ranges to the west:      

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A fave of mine as well, I'll have to add some photos from some very different sorts of sites as well (don't think my internet connection is strong/fast enough to try now)- in the Kootenay Plains at not very high elevations in grassy areas...

I love the expansive views in your last shots, Lori. Its funny, second to last image in thumbnail looks as though there is a person kneeling in the rocks...lol

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Thanks Lori, nice to meet you ;) I love that kind of landscape although it is tough to the feet as you say.

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Welcome to the forum, Jesonko!

  Thanks for joining in.  Alpines are truly the best of the best, in our opinion!

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