Ranunculus buchanani

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Steve Newall
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Oops . No pictures . Will try again later when I have read the instructions

Seed of all 3 ranunculus spp mentioned are available from Jelitto Perennial Seeds

[Moderator: photos show Ranunculus pilifera]

Thanks Mark . I didn't realise my previous attempt was the last entry on page 1


Balclutha , New Zealand

Mark McD
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Thanks for posting these Steve, if I have read the thread correctly, the Rananculus shown here is R. pilifera, yet another New Zealand beauty. It seems that New Zealand has a monopoly and stunningly beautiful ranunculi.

Stunning scenery too, I recognize the view where Dave Toole is standing, as he posted similar scenes on Facebook.

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at aol.com  

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Stunning pictures Steve. The environmental challenges these plants face are perfectly captured, for me. yes

53.69° N, Dedicated to West Coast Fritillaria, plus three other members of the subgenus Liliorhiza. I grow other Genera, as time permits !


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