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P. palmata was glorious in Sichuan when I saw it there years ago.  It was growing under pine trees and covered the slopes.  I've never had luck with seed exchange seeds, so I'm pleased when someone else can grow it!

Claire Cockcroft Bellevue, Washington Zone 7-8

Lori S.
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I was so fortunate as to be able to buy it at the CRAGS plant sale from Pam Eveleigh a couple of years ago.  It seems to like it reasonably well in that shady spot where the leaves collect from the pink flowering crabapple (though more flowers would be nice, needless to say).

Lori Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Zone 3 -30 C to +30 C (rarely!); elevation ~1130m; annual precipitation ~40 cm

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That's an interesting one, Lori. Seems it is a woodland species?


The two most interesting here at the moment are Primula vialii and flaccida. Now the flowers have opened properly.


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