Physoplexis comosa

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Lori Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Zone 3 -30 C to +30 C (rarely!); elevation ~1130m; annual precipitation ~40 cm

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I have managed to grow Physoplexis from seed from the NARGS seedex a few years ago.  They remain outdoors and have bloomed nicely for the past two seasons.  Looking for advice on how best to collect seed as I would like to contribute some to the exchage.

Harold Peachey USDA Z5, Lamoine, ME

Gene Mirro
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There is nothing easy about this.  In my climate, they make little green seedpods that remain on the plant all summer long.  Then they are gone.  I suspect the birds eat them.  I suggest that you protect the plants with bird netting or an inverted nursery flat, to keep the birds away.  Pull a seed pod off occasionally and see if it has ripe seed in it.

SW Washington state, 600 ft. altitude


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