Olympic Mountains, WA

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McGregor wrote:


At the end of the road into the heart of the Olympics. Wonderful array of plants on solid rock and loose scree slopes.

Two plants from here - Elmera racemosa is like a Heuchera but with small feathery petals sticky out from the basic cup of the calyx. This isn't confined to the Olympics also being found in the Cascades, but the other is very much confined to the Olympics - Viola flettii is very pretty but also distinctive with the flower often wider than it is tall - a beautiful endemic.

Malcolm, if ever there was a picture of a perfect natural rock garden, your photo named Hurricane ridge.jpg is it, that image "speaks to me"!  For the 4 years that I lived in the Seattle Washington area, regrettably I never made it over to the Olympics.  Instead, I continuously headed east the other way, over the Cascades to the dry side of Washington, frequenting the Wenatchee mountains, or heading elsewhere in the arid eastern 3/4 of this vast State, or keep heading further east to Idaho, of go south to Oregon.  I became fascinated with dryland areas, thus always opted for those trips.  No matter how "socked in" the dismal weather in the Puget Sound area around Seattle might be, one could count on a 1.5-2 hr drive east to find sun and blue skies, sagebrush, extreme wind, dramatic scenery, and fantastic plants.  One day I headed east and just kept on going until I reached the Atlantic Ocean.  :D

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at aol.com  


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