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The Tin Cat is made by Victor, same company that makes regular traps here in the U.S. I live in a semi-rural (or semi-urban) neighborhood at the western edge of Denver and manage an all-you-can-eat buffet for a wide variety of rodents, particularly voles. (Some of the voles here get so fat they can barely fit into their tunnels.) The menu changes monthly, except in winter, when it's nothing but leftovers, and the crowns of ornamental grasses. Of course, if you're a rodent, the more you eat, the slower you can run, and there are plenty of hawks, owls (I hear a great horned owl every night), and coyotes in the winter to make sure you don't run very far. It all evens out, I guess.



extreme western edge of Denver, Colorado; elevation 1705.6 meters, average annual precipitation 30cm; refuses to look at thermometer if it threatens to go below -17C


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