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Tim Ingram
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James - no I haven't used any membrane because I want the gravel to be slowly incorporated into the soil and improve the surface drainage. It gradually disappears and so after a few years I heavily topdress with more. I know that some growers with sand beds put in a barrier to keep the sand free of soil, though I haven't done this elsewhere in the garden. It may have been wise to do it because worms and ants are steadily bringing up a lot of soil. I will probably do this next time.

Trond - I always used to think myself fortunate until parts of the garden began to revert to wilderness! Much of the garden is fairly intensively planted (ie: I like plants too much!), and some does need to go back to more naturalistic and wild woodland planting, which tends to happen by default.

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Further discussion of weed fabric and sand beds is continued here:

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