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Jim Archibald

I'm sure there are many NARGS members who will be very sad to hear of the death of Jim Archibald, one of the most active of seed collectors since the 1960s. Jim, with his wife Jenny, ran JJA seeds and produced seed lists with extensive collection notes regularly enlivened by Jim's sometimes acerbic comments. Many of us have plants with JCA collection numbers. Many of us have plants derived from these original collections.

Thanks to you Jim.

Jim's funeral will be at the Crematorium in Aberystwyth on August 16th.

It's a sad day.

Malcolm McGregor

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Of course Jim, having attended many NARGS events, was very well known in North America for his wonderful lectures as well as his seed  collections and the seed sales.

Also see  http://nargs.org/smf/index.php?topic=381.0  in this forum and this is the SRGC Forum http://www.srgc.org.uk/smf/index.php?topic=5879.0 ... to get a flavour of the esteem in which Jim was held.

Ian  and/or Margaret Young ( -here it is usually Margaret) Aberdeen , North East Scotland, UK Zone 8a


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