Growing medium for a crevice garden

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RickR wrote:

"The root escapes and finds itself on a barebone dry surface and it switches completely growth behaviour. It starts forming a completely insane amount of root hairs. This is quite interesting because it shows an interesting experimental system that can display two radically different root developments in the same plant. I believe the plant is forming this large number of root hairs to collect water from the very humid atmosphere (a common strategy used, for example, by insects in the Namibia’s desert)."

Interesting, Rick! I remember that I looked at the roots of Streptocarpus plants growing on the wooded slopes of Kilimanjaro. They never seemed to penetrate the growing medium (which was a kind of very firm volcanic silt-like deposit) but made a "lattice" on the surface. I couldn't see roothairs though but assume they were there as it was a lot of fresh root growth. It was a very humid atmosphere in the wood of course.

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Fascinating observations on root behavior. This is what I love about NARGS... a practical question might lead to insects in Namibia!

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