Fraser's Thimble Farms

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Nick C.
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Fraser's Thimble Farms

Curious to know if anyone has ordered from Fraser's Thimble Farms and had any comments on quality? They have a nice selection of bulbs and Orchids.


Lori S.
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Yes, I have a couple of times, but not bulbs and orchids, and not recently, so it's probably not too relevant.

I hope someone else can relate his/her experience.

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yes I order from them routinely. The quality of the plants are  generally good. But  few times got plants that are  too small.



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We have ordered from them a few times. Quality is a mixed bag. Some plants are a good size and worth the money. some come in as very tiny things that very often don't make it. I found their fern collection offer very good. Can't remember the details- pick 12 ferns, they send 10 for $50--I think? Larger ferns have been a good size.

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Diane Whitehead
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I have never bought through the mail, but take the ferry over to Saltspring several times a year.  I like to choose plants in flower.

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