Eritrichium howardii

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Lori S.
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I only planted it in 2012 so it's early days, but I don't believe we really get anything here that you'd recognize as winter wet, David.  It's a pretty dry climate.  We do get a lot of snowfalls and melting (and sublimation) through the winter but no rain.  There's really no standing water ever, and the ground is only sodden for short periods mainly during the spring rains (June). 

Lori Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Zone 3 -30 C to +30 C (rarely!); elevation ~1130m; annual precipitation ~40 cm

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Mmm. Thanks for that Lori, little snow and lots of rain are my problems.

David Nicholson in Devon, UK  Zone 9b

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Oh.... I posted this photo of it in bloome a few days later on one of the rock garden facebook groups.

PK replied something to the effect that there might be something silly going on over here. The man is spending WAY too much time in the garden  ;)

Michael PedenLake Champlain Valley, zone 4bFour and a half months frost freeSnow cover not guaranteed
Anne Spiegel
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Michael, that is just a fantastic plant.  I've never seen it bloom like that in cultivation.  You're certainly doing something right because the northeast is not an ideal place for these plants.


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