Dudleya cymosa

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Wrightman's Alpines in Ontario (z5?) was offering a D cymosa, I think, and it had been doing well for them outdoors if I recall, I wonder if it still is?


Well, they are still offering it: http://www.wrightmanalpines.com/plant/dudleya-cymosa  and say it is much admired by garden visitors..

Oddly they call it a Lewisia relative, are not Lewisias Portulacaceae or whatever it may be called now, and Dudleya Crassulaceae?

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Cohan, the link wasn't working, but was able to fix it.  Boy, that's one showy succulent with those hot color flowers, I'm tempted to order next spring if he has any left. I have received plants of this in the autumn before, and they didn't overwinter, so want to allow them the whole season to become established.

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