Daphne, Stellera and other Thymelaeaceae

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Mark McD
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Peter, what happened to the 2" seedling mentioned in the initial post?  Where did you get seed?

Probably the only chance to get seed of Stellera (I assume you're interested in S. chamaejasme) is to get the specialty seed lists from the few plant collectors that go to far flung places like the alpine China.

To tempt the senses, go to this Flora of China page, and click on each of many photos of plants in the wild, found in many color forms.http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=2&taxon_id=200014523

Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at aol.com  

Peter George
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The seedling died. When I was in Washington last year for the Annual Meeting, I bought one Stellera from Rick Lupp, but due to a peculiar series of mistakes, it ended up in Denver with Panayoti, and it seems to have died as well. Do you happen to know if Chen Yi is still in business? Her website is a year old, as is her list.

Peter George, Petersham, MA (north central MA, close to the NH/VT borders), zones 5b and 6 around the property.

Tony Willis
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Chen yi  does send stellera if she bothers sending your order at all but they are truly awful plants that stand little or no chance of surviving. They have been dug up and then appear to have had the roots scrubbed so you get a long white carrot with its top growth cut off. Other things from her have been good but in my opinion this is not one of them.

I heard today her minimum order is now $500 paid in advance.


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