Armchair botanizing for Extreme Milkweeds (Asclepias)

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Nice photos Rick and Tony :) At my last apt in Toronto, I had one small flower bed in front of my front window, maybe 4x6 or 8 feet; I grew a few things in there, nothing easily stolen or expensive, since it was right on the sidewalk, right downtown, and vulnerable to humans and their danged pets (why do so many dog owners think the world is their toilet?). but there was a pre-existing yucca that flowered spectacularly, and a probably self sown patch of milkweed- it was spreading, but wasn't yet a problem..

west central alberta, canada; just under 1000m; record temps:min -45C/-49F;max 34C/93F;

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Asclepias variegata seems to be scarcely in cultivation.  Anyone growing this.  Seneca Hills did offer, but mine died.Charles Swanson z6A  MA NE USA

NE Massachusetts (New England) USA  zone 6 (5B to 6B)

gardens visited, photographs:


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