Vojtech Holubec

Thu, 2018-09-27 20:51 -- Pondhick
Sunday October 14, 2018 - 10:00 am to 2:45 pm

The Education Center of the Berkshire Botanical Garden, 5 West Stockbridge Road, at the intersection of Routes 102 and 183 in Stockbridge, MA.

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Please note the unusual Sunday meeting! The date was changed to facilitate the speaker's schedule. Morning: Vojtech Holubec: Pamir and Kunlun Vojtech Holubec was a pioneer of the Czech school of crevice gardening. He has authored books on rock gardening and the alpine plants of various mountains of Eurasia. He has traveled these mountains, collected seed, and headed the Czech seed bank. He was sponsored by Norman Singer when there was an Iron Curtain. Vojtech would send letters of his adventures which were published in our BNARGS newsletters. He also sent seed which Norman would grow and then bring seedlings to many of our plant sales. The morning talk will feature the Pamir and Kunlun Mountain ranges, which run from Tajikistan, just north of Afghanistan, to the Tibetan Plateau. The area has average elevations between three and six thousand meters, with peaks in the six to seven thousand meter range. There are many broad, flat valleys between the peaks and ridges. Climate ranges from heavy snowfall and glaciation to desert conditions. Afternoon: Vojtech Holubec: Alai, Hissar and Zereavshan The afternoon will focus on the Alai range, on the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and the Hissar and Zeravshan Ranges, which run from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan. The meeting begins at 10 with coffee and conversation. A business meeting including election of officers and officers' reports and Show & Tell start at 10:30, followed by our program. Bring your own lunch. Location: The Education Center of the Berkshire Botanical Garden, 5 West Stockbridge Road, at the intersection of Routes 102 and 183 in Stockbridge, MA. If you haven't done so yet, please pay your 2018 dues. Please write a check to BNARGS and give it to Jacques Mommens at the meeting or mail it to: J. Mommens P.O. Box 67 Millwood, NY 10546 Annual dues are $10 for individual membership; $12.50 for a couple. Additional donations are always welcome. Message from the Chair Our Big Plant Sale in September was a great success -- raising $1,849 from the plant auction and plant table sales. This will go towards speakers and programs for the coming year. Many thanks our Plant Sale Chair, Elaine Chittenden, auctioneers Tom Clark and Tom Flanigan, and to all who brought in plants and helped organize and clean up on the day of the sale. Special thanks also go to the businesses who donated -- Broken Arrow Nursery, Hadley Garden Center, Oliver Nurseries, Triple Brook Farm, Wantzyk's Nursery, Windy Hill Nurseries -- and to the Smith College greenhouse. Thanks to Anne Spiegel for agreeing to do a second presentation this year. Her talk, Gardening on Rock: A Tale of Two Gardens, was the remarkable story of how she uncovered a large outcrop of ledge over decades to create a world-class rock garden with crevices, sand beds, scree, tufa, and troughs and then had the fortitude to start again and redesign after a violent wind storm dropped mature trees on it. Anne is a repository of good advice, having tried many plants and techniques over the years. She's one to seek out at meetings if you have a question. I'm sorry to announce that on September 20, we lost a long-time member and past president, Cliff Desch. He had a passion for plants, but specialized in mites during his career as a professor in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department of the University of Connecticut. He enjoyed traveling and generously shared his knowledge with us at meetings and in his garden in North Conway, MA, where deer fencing was a serious matter to protect his rhododendrons. See the remembrance of Cliff that is posted on the NARGS web site. Hope to see you in October. Joyce Hemingson

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