Rock Gardening in a Sauna

Sun, 2020-01-05 09:30 -- gsparrow
5 Jan
Joseph Tychonievich

TWO AND A half years ago, after a lifetime of gardening in the Great Lakes Region, I moved with my husband down to Williamsburg, Virginia. I went from Zone 5 to Zone 7, almost Zone 8. The average year down here has about three times as many days with highs over 90°F (32°C) as what I was used to in Michigan. My new home town gets an average of 47 inches (120 cm) of precipitation a year compared to the 36 inches (91 cm) I had known. In short, it is hot and wet down here, not exactly the preferred climate of many alpine plants.


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I like your technique for building a small rock garden on the quick. I've wanted to start a guerilla group to get more people in our Chapter with rock gardens (with the intention for them to get hooked0. If a small group of people could build a rock garden in a day with minimal expense...perfect! Floor tiles - a brilliand idea! Maybe now my idea will come to fruition.

My first rock garden was builtt with flat patio stones on the vertical and back-filled with builder's sand, then top-dressed with gravel. Sound familiar? However, mine was on a larger scale - more materials, more money, more plants, and considerably more effort. I agree too; the plants seem very happy in that growing environment here where I live in the central New York (wet summer and winter, temps not as hot in summer, considerably colder in winter).

Carol Eichler
Newsletter Editor, Adirondack Chapter