Rocky Mountain Chapter


The Rocky Mountain Chapter, organized in 1976, is one of 38 chapters of the North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS).  Most members of our chapter live along the eastern base of Colorado's Rocky Mountains - a unique area for cultivating alpines and other rock garden plants.  The climate, altitude, sunlight and soils of the Front Range are conducive to growing a wide spectrum of rock alpine plants from around the world.

This chapter, with nearly 300 members, welcomes new rock gardeners.  The group includes novices as well as professional and skilled amateur rock gardeners, botanists, horticulturists, plant propagators, garden designers, professional flower and garden photographers, artists, and writers.  Most members have their own rock garden(s).

Winter meetings are held on Saturdays at the Denver Botanic Gardens and others are variable..  The Botanic Garden's Rock Alpine Garden affords members the opportunity to observe the eminent collection of plants in cultivation throughout all four seasons.

Our objectives are:

  • to support the goals, purposes, and activities of the North American Rock Garden Society 
  • to promote the appreciation and cultivation of rock and alpine plants and wildflowers 
  • to assemble and make available information on the culture of rock and alpine plants and their evaluation as garden materials 
  • to secure and distribute species of rock plants not already in cultivation 
  • to encourage protection of endangered species by preservation of native populations 
  • to encourage rock gardeners to share knowledge, enthusiasm and friendship.

Anemone Narcissiflora Var Zephra  Photo by Graham Nicholls

 Anemone Narcissiflora Var Zephra - photo by Graham Nicholls



Chair Glenn Guenterberg
Vice Chair Carl Wilson
Secretary Greg Hewgley
Treasurer Ken Ray
Newsletter Editor Sally Boyson
Member at Large (Metro) Nora Morgenstern
Member at Large (Non-Metro) Mary Mastin
NARGS Representive Panayoti Kelaidis
Web Person Hugh Mac Millan