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I just noticed that AbeBooks has a copy of Skalky a jejich stavba (rock gardens and their construction) by Holubec and Vlasak for $15 US.
In case there isn't anyone who doesn't have this jaw-dropping book.



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Just noted in the Globe and Mail obituaries that Francis Cabot, creator of the famous garden Les Quatre Vents in Cap L'Aigle, Quebec, and author of his wonderful book all about how it all came to be - A Greater Perfection - passed away recently in his 80s.  This garden sounds really fantastic - with its echos of the gardens of the Generalife in Granada, the Taj Mahal in India and the show piece Pigeonier with its companion reflection pool and views through the portals of the countryside beyond.  I love how he speaks of the ducks that fly at a great rate back and forth through those portals aiming at a certain landing spot on the water.  And I am surprised that Eccramocarpus is hardy in zone 4?  The garden incorporates art, poetry, sculpture, whimsy and all types of gardens within it.  Reading that book is the next best thing to being there. Tim and Bob, I too love the paintings of Margaret Mee and was able to pick up a "companion" book Amazon from Kew.  I imagine many of the plants in the paintings were/are in danger of becoming extinct.  Also have Schroler's Flore des Alpes - the text in my copy is German and English.  Both real treasures to look at and read over and over.  Fran
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After reading he book by Francis Cabot (Frank to his friends), The Greater Perfection, I decided to go there in the spring to see this masterpiece garden.  Not so easy for one who won't be driving there from London and who doesn't speak French.  Anna Leggatt, of The Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society in Toronto, who did go a few years ago, tells me you must book ahead (January isn't too early), it costs $30 for a guided tour, is open to the public only 4 days a week and her replies were in French.  Luckily her husband was able to translate.  She tells me it was well worth the trip.  Fran
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I can't believe it, my wife totally surprised me this Christmas with a copy of Francis Cabot's The Greater Perfection, a magnificently produced book.  And come to find out, she got it through (Hortus Books reseller) for a reasonable price; it was their last copy (new).  Amazon still has 3 new books available but the price is way over the top, and 11 used copies, again very pricey.

Front cover (left), back cover (right).

The images of garden design are beyond words; total inspiration.

The composition and axial symmetry is surpising, often dynamic, I love the use of borderless reflecting pools cut right into the grass, situated dead-center on main circulation axis and visual site lines.

Amazon book available as of Christmas day 2011, unfortunately extremely expensive.

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Oh I'm so jealous! My boss has this book and every lunch break I take it out and drool over it! It's getting a bit soggy now. One day I'll have my own. Enjoy it Mark...every page is wondrously gorgeous!!

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One would want to be a little careful of those pools, say during garden parties!!  ;D ;D

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Looks like a great book!!! But the price is too much for me. It is good, you got is for a good price! :'(


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Congratulations Mark

By seeing these prices
I am happy I bought over hundred different African seeds for that money ;D
I love books (I have over 15 meter length)
but You are right
these prices are a little over the top


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We hope we may be permitted to publicise our new book on this wonderful forum:-

                                      Mountain Flowers – The Dolomites

A new book co-authored by forum regular, Cliff Booker from Whitworth, Lancashire and David Charlton from Derby will be published on Valentine’s Day 2012, a very appropriate date as this particular labour of love has been fifteen months or more in the making.
Cliff, a retired Local Government Officer and his co-author; David, a semi-retired solicitor have produced the first handy, pocket-sized field guide in English to the magnificent wild flowers of the Dolomites of northern Italy.  This beautifully illustrated book describes over 140 species of the meadows, forests, screes and high mountain ridges of these glorious limestone peaks.
Because the book is intended for the traveller with limited or no botanical knowledge, technical language has been kept to a minimum and each species has been photographed in such a way as to aid easy identification.
Lecturer, photographer and writer Cliff and his wife Sue were founders (way back in 1986) of the East Lancashire Group of the Alpine Garden Society, which still meets to this day in their original venue at Ramsbottom Civic Hall, near Bury.  Since retirement Cliff has lectured across the country to other AGS groups, natural history societies, specialist and photographic clubs and remains the Group Secretary of the East Lancashire Group.  David is the current Group Secretary of the Derby Group of the AGS and is a trustee of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.
Both of the authors are Gold Medal winning exhibitors at AGS Shows and Cliff and Sue’s son Andrew has contributed massively to the new book as designer and technology wizard.
May 2010 saw Cliff and Sue enjoy a three-week whirlwind lecture tour of six States and Newfoundland in Canada sponsored by the North American Rock Garden Society and since 2001 they (and latterly David and Judy Charlton) have led spring and summer wildflower walks in their beloved Dolomites for UK based holiday experts; Collett’s Mountain Holidays of Saffron Walden in Essex, thereby amassing many of the images featured in this guide.

The new book is being distributed by Collett’s and is available at £9.95 plus £1.65 p&p. ISBN Number: 978-0-9571628-0-8

Hopefully (with enough enquiries to spur them on) the book will be available from the AGS and other retailers.

Enquiries about the book to Cliff at or David at or visit

Collett’s Mountain Holidays
3A Market Hill, Saffron Walden,
Essex, CB10 1HQ
Tel. 01799 513331

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Congratulations Cliff.  ;D.  From your samples it looks beautiful and will be enjoyable for browsing at home not just in the mountains. I like the fact that you have included the scientific names first which is often not done for this type of publication.

It has always surprised me that there are not more field guides published on major alpine flower areas.  On our trips to the Dolomites we have depended on a well thumbed copy of "Alpine Flowers of Britain and Europe" by Grey Wilson and Blamey - quite comprehensive but no photos.

I look forward to getting my copy of the new Dolomites book!  :D :D :D

David Sellars
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